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Hello and Welcome to Old Park Primary School

Serving the community of Malinslee in Telford

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Welcome to Old Park Primary School and Nursery.

Our mission is simple – for all our children to reach their potential and develop the qualities they need to be successful and happy.

We believe that children thrive and learn in a nurturing environment which promotes kindness and respect. So our staff are committed to putting the wellbeing of children first and we strive to meet all their needs.

Our staff go the extra mile to make learning inspiring, engaging and memorable by offering many different exciting and creative opportunities where children are encouraged to work together, collaborate and support each other. This is enhanced by unique large scale projects, visitors/visitors and a range of extra-curricular activities, including a wide range of sports.

Music is central to the life of Old Park and our In Harmony programme provides specialist music lessons for all children. In addition, children from Y2 to Y6 learn an instrument and play in one of our 6 orchestras. This programme is fully funded and all lessons and instruments are provided free of charge.

Since opening in 2007, our work has been acknowledged in various ways; TES Outstanding Primary School of the Year 2011, Regional Arts Hub School, The Music Partnership Platinum Award, Anti-Bullying Alliance Gold Award and School Games Gold Award are some of our achievements.

We extend a warm invitation to anyone who would like to learn more about our school. Please contact the office if you would like to visit or talk to a member of the team.

You can view more of our films and projects on the Old Park Primary School YouTube channel.

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