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Old Park Primary School and Nursery

"Reaching for success"



Badgers, Foxes and Owls


Badgers and Foxes 

 Badgers and Foxes offer free 15 hour sessions for children aged 3-4


Daily Routine

Badgers arrive 


Inside free flow 

A balance of adult led activities and child initiated play during which staff carry out intervention 

Foxes arrive 



RWI phonics/story 



Choosing time  

(choose it, use it, put it away) 

inside/outside free flow and snack café (open for 40 minutes) 



Carpet time – activities may include maths, Ten Town, singing songs, movement to music, story time, review of learning 



Home time 


On Wednesdays Becky leads Music Monsters with each group having their own session. 

Soiled nappies will be changed as required. 


Music Monsters Wednesday 

Every Wednesday Becky come and join us in the Nursery for singing, dancing and playing instruments.   

This helps with the childrens listening, confidence and engagement skills. 



    Owls offer whole day care for children aged 3-4

Daily Routine 


Owls (30 hours)  

Children arrive at their agreed time ranging from 8:00am, 8:30am, and 9:00am and access a range of adult led and child initiated play. 

The children then follow the same routine as the Badgers (see above).

Children eat their packed lunch and have an additional outside play between 11:30am-12:30pm. 

The children then follow the same routine as the Foxes (see above).

Children go home at their agreed time ranging from 3:00pm, 3:30pm.  

Children staying until 4:00pm will join the staff and children in the afterschool provision. 


Children in Owls have PE with Luke/Mr Hughes on Tuesday mornings.  

We encourage children come to nursery wearing sports clothes and trainers ready for PE. 

On Wednesdays Becky leads Music Monsters, Owls have their own session with her.