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        "To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play                       without passion is inexcusable.”                         (Ludwig Van Beethoven)

   “One good thing about music – when it hits you,                                you feel no pain.”                                 (Bob Marley)

                                “Tell me, I forget.                                                               Show me, I remember                                                        Involve me, I understand"                               (Carl Orff)


Our curriculum intent:

At Old Park School, we are unique. Music is central to the life of our school: it is our heartbeat – where everything and everyone comes together with a common link, a common goal. Most days in school, you will see some form of music education happening.

Through music education, we aim to inspire children, increase aspirations, relieve stress, improve concentration, communication and listening skills, build creativity and give all children a chance to succeed.

Within our music lessons, children have the opportunity to listen to and appreciate a wide range of music. Children are taught about different instruments: recognising their voice as their first instrument, play in an orchestra, experience performing, singing or playing, as a group, developing a sense of togetherness, and building collaboration with peers.

We are part of the In Harmony Programme – a national programme that aims to inspire and transform the lives of children through music. A significant amount of curriculum time is dedicated to music through instrument lessons taught by professional musicians, musicianship lessons and year group orchestras.

The instruments currently being taught are:

Year 2 – Violins and Cellos

Year 3 – Violins and Cellos

Year 4, 5 and 6 - Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion.

At Old Park we celebrate our musical experiences and achievements with termly events. This might be a formal concert – singing or instrumental, or by opportunities to observe orchestra and instrumental lessons. The dates are advertised on our Newsletters. Help us celebrate our successes.