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Mr James Foster - Headteacher

I am very proud to be the Headteacher of Old Park Primary School. We have developed a hard-working and dedicated team of children, staff, parents/carers and Governors. Our children always try their best and the staff go the extra mile for any child in our care. It is a fantastic place to work

Mrs J Bebb - Deputy Headteacher/SENCO

I have been lucky to work as a senior leader at Old Park Primary School since it opened in 2007. In my role as SENCo I enjoy working with staff, parents/carers and other professionals to support the young people in our school to meet their full potential. It is hugely satisfying to see how young people flourish at Old Park in our care. Coming to work every day is a privilege - our school is a truly special place. I would not want to work anywhere else.

Mr  A Parton - Assistant Headteacher


I have been fortunate to work at Old Park Primary School since 2013. For the last ten years, I had the privilege of working in Year 6 with fantastic children and staff. Seeing our children mature and develop before beginning their secondary school journey made me extremely proud. In my role as Assistant Headteacher, I now enjoy working with staff, children, parents and carers throughout school. Old Park is a wonderful place to work, I look forward to spending many more enjoyable years here.

Phase Leaders

  • Ms R Harris - KS1
  • Miss H Wright -Lower KS2
  • Mrs H Walker - Upper KS2
  • Mrs S Davies - Early Years

Class Teachers

  • Miss J Gray
  • Miss D Bagnall
  • Mrs A Clifford-Harris
  • Miss R Harris
  • Miss N Kay
  • Miss C Johnson
  • Mrs A Voros
  • Miss E Whiston
  • Mrs R Briggs
  • Mr G Williams
  • Mrs S Davies
  • Mrs H Gaunt
  • Mrs R Hughes - Assistant SENCO
  • Miss H Wright
  • Mrs C Urey-Taylor
  • Mrs E Fynn
  • Mrs H Walker
  • Mrs R Fox
  • Miss C Cook
  • Mr A Parton
  • Mrs L Ashton
  • Mrs N Parton


Nursery Team

  • Mrs S Davies - Teacher
  • Mrs S Turner - Supervisor
  • Mrs S Osborne - Supervisor
  • Mrs H Clench
  • Mrs H Askew
  • Miss L Humpage
  • Mrs B Stones
  • Mrs L Beddow
  • Miss V Stevens
  • Mrs J Ainsworth
  • Ms J Bates
  • Miss L Sherwood
  • Mrs M Gosling
  • Miss S Allen
  • Miss P Beddow

Safari Team

  • Mrs J Gray -  Inclusion Manager
  • Mrs K Ryder -  Deputy Inclusion Manager
  • Mr M Ward -  Inclusion Specialist
  • Miss C Ryder  - Inclusion Specialist
  • Mrs J Barnes
  • Mrs C Jones

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs M Ryan (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss G Offland (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs J Gough (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss K Osborne (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs H Moore (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss D Latham (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss J Powell (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss L Sterry
  • Miss S Reid
  • Miss M Chilton
  • Mrs T Downing
  • Miss V Griffiths
  • Miss A Reynolds
  • Miss J Sands
  • Mrs K Close
  • Miss J Field
  • Mrs S Vaughan
  • Mrs J Smout
  • Ms R Kennedy
  • Mrs K Archer
  • Mrs R Weston
  • Mr T Lewis
  • Miss J Chapman
  • Mrs M Ruscoe - Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs C Lewis
  • Miss D Moore
  • Mrs C James
  • Mrs S Rigby
  • Miss L Dyson
  • Mrs D Lenkei
  • Miss D Spilsbury
  • Mrs H Windsor
  • Mrs L Anderton
  • Miss S Rigby
  • Miss S Allen
  • Miss L Aston
  • Miss J Kelly - Classroom Support
  • Miss E Price - Classroom Support
  • Mrs L Gough - Classroom Support


Administration Team

  • Miss K Weston - School Business Manager
  • Mrs R Briggs - Nursery Administration Manager
  • Mrs J Brown - Office Manager
  • Mrs S Cumming - Nursery Administration Assistant
  • Mrs A Neal - Administration Assistant
  • Mrs S Moore - ICT Support

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs A Evans (Supervisor)
  • Mrs S Myatt
  • Mrs A Gregory
  • Mrs M Gosling
  • Miss R Weston
  • Miss L Sherwood
  • Miss L Dyson
  • Miss L Swinderman
  • Mrs R Poole
  • Mrs L Gough
  • Miss S Rigby
  • Miss J Kelly
  • Mrs S Rigby
  • Miss D Moore
  • Mrs H Windsor
  • Miss E Price
  • Miss H Powers
  • Miss A Austin
  • Miss C Lewis-Hampton


Premises Team

  • Mr P Wiggetts (Site Manager) 
  • Mrs S Myatt (Cleaning Supervisor)
  • Miss S Davies
  • Mrs A Gregory
  • Miss G Coates
  • Miss R McBride
  • Miss D Hoof
  • Miss D Latham
  • Mrs L Hayward
  • Mrs M Sheargold